Read more Resignation Stanisławka was not needed?

Presenting the idea of ​​restoration of the only school for the seven-year, Anna Zalewska argued that “listens to the voice of two million citizens” who have so far signed up to the project. Polish Teachers Association, the National Association of Executives of Education Coalition “No to chaos in the school,” members of the movement “Parents against the reform of education”, as well as students from appointed by the Ministry of Education of the Council of Children and Youth – these are just some of the communities trying to convince President Andrew the guts not to sign the Law – Law education. If the president submits his signature, since September 2017. Will begin liquidation middle schools, extending the high schools and technicians, and the change of vocational schools in the industry. “We believe the proposed government education reform for underdeveloped on three levels. First of all, the process of creating its principles and implementation into force it is too fast. in such a short period of the smallest municipalities do not cope with the introduction of appropriate reforms in life “- wrote to President Andrew Duda members of the Children and Youth at the Ministry of education. Open letter in which they ask to veto the bill – education law, signed by 12 of the 34 appointed to her by Anna Zalewska uczniów.Rzecznik rights of the child, Marek Michalak also sent a letter to the president, which advises that the fast pace of implementation of reforms addressed considerati Continue reading “Read more Resignation Stanisławka was not needed?”