Crypto Exchange Turnkey White Label Exchange Solution

When the signal provider makes a BUY
trade, a SELL trade is copied to the investment account. We have more than 100 different settings that can be customized during setup. With an investment platform you can offer investment products to all kind of
traders and investors. For amateurs and beginners you can offer copy trading
as the most simple, yet effective product. For experienced traders you can
offer PAMM/MAM which is perfect for private money management. B2Margin offers multiple order types to support the most sophisticated trading strategies and to provide users with a variety of options on how and when to enter and exit a trade.

turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software

We analyze the needs of our clients and provide them with the best solution. The Merkeleon cryptocurrency exchange platform is available as an app. You can grow the reach by adding an alternative to a web version. This is one of the reasons why cryptocurrencies have an enormous potential to influence the financial industry.


Security is a very important part of ensuring your Crypto Exchange stands true to its promise of securing your client’s funds. Full view order book including, History, Trade History and Funds. Volume and Depth Charting, all the indicators on the planet and advanced charting tools. Our solution is KYC/AML ready so you can fulfill compliance and regulation with minimal resource and maximum efficiency. Integration with external modules and services is made possible through FIX API, REST API, Web Sockets API, and our proprietary SFX API.

turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software

Their solutions aim to address the challenges and provide a competitive edge in the emerging crypto market. Our premium white label digital asset trading solution comes with multi-currency support. So that your users in the platform can use both fiat and cryptocurrencies for trading. The architecture in our software helps cryptocurrency exchange software development company to integrate any fiat currency or crypto in your exchange in the future. Turnkey solutions often integrate with liquidity providers or offer liquidity aggregation services. This ensures that the exchange has access to a diverse pool of trading pairs and sufficient liquidity for traders to execute their orders effectively.

Comprehensive platform data log

We provide multiple language support in our white label digital asset trading solution. So that you can create and deploy a superfine crypto exchange with multi-lingual support. It helps in upsurging the user count as well as grabbing the attention of many users from various countries. Some of the key services offered by B2Broker besides the white label platform itself are the legal framework, access to various platforms and access to liquidity. Antier Solutions offers a highly motivated blockchain development team with expertise in constructing advanced crypto trading platforms for businesses with forward-thinking aspirations.

A PAMM platform allows clients/traders to create their own investment fund and scale their success with fee payments from investors for profits made on their accounts or volumes. KYT compliance technology ensures your business measures up in terms of anti-money laundering requirements. Complete data-centric information about transactions helps crypto businesses comply with local and global regulations.

A cryptocurrency exchange turnkey in 3 days

Comprehensive data-centric information relating to transactions assists crypto businesses in complying with both local and global regulations. The administrator can set daily, weekly and monthly volume settings. Instantly send funds to trading platforms to avoid margin calls and stop outs
thanks to our deep integrations with the Trading Platforms Flagmans. TradingView charts allow traders to perform detailed technical analysis. The advanced user interface will satisfy even traders with the most sophisticated strategies. A cryptobroker can also differentiate from cryptocurrency exchanges with high leverage and short positions.

It offers a sophisticated user experience for traders and brokers, providing a technological edge for crypto trading and all necessary crypto activities. White label exchange software empowers users to trade several digital currencies in multiple fiat currencies, such as USD or EURO. This flexibility enables swift and seamless trading among digital assets and fiat currencies, bypassing the conversion fees typically charged by traditional exchanges. IEO is the simplest and easiest way to raise funds for crypto projects. We at Coinsclone integrate the secure IEO launchpad in our white label digital asset trading solution which helps your users to list their token for sale. Choosing a Merkeleon turnkey solution, the operator can significantly reduce the costs on cryptocurrency exchange development and salaries, as well as cut the launch time.

Oodles Blockchain Development Company

Another opportunity is to offer clients the idea of creating investment portfolios not only from traders but also from indices and cryptocurrencies. Create a community, create a trading tribe with live streams on youtube, podcasts and live chats for your clients. Getting the support of like-minded traders is important for making renewed attempts and evolving discipline and skills. We work closely with our clients offering ready-made or customized streams of
liquidity to facilitate trading. This enables brokers to benefit from best
execution and competitive spreads, together with raw, small, medium and big
mark-ups and get rebates.

turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software

A good name is one of the aspects required to start your business. A catchy
and attractive business name will be available for you. Security is of major importance and also needs the right expertise to maintain. You can lower your risks and cost outlay by allowing us to take care of it. We look after all node patches and updates so there is no need for you to be involved in any way since they all come under the umbrella of our enterprise solution. Blockchain transactions are irreversible with the added benefit of no chargebacks, recurring fees nor hidden charges.

cryptocurrency exchange?

All types of tokens are supported, including both liquid tokens that are listed on top exchanges, as well as only issued tokens. Custom token integration ensures a quick and straightforward process for integrating your own NEO, NEM, ETH and Omni-based tokens. A fully customizable workspace which includes intuitive visualization of market data and offers an extensive suite of trading tools and more.

  • If there is a digital asset that you would like included on our solution, simply contact our team of blockchain professionals and we’ll integrate it into our infrastructure.
  • Choose a cryptocurrency exchange software development company, that will help quickly deploys on the required server requirements.
  • Find out more about what each sоlution offers and what is the best chоice for you.
  • However, you can
    offer your clients the chance to follow not only the best ones but also the
    worst ones using the reverse copy mode.
  • When the signal provider makes a BUY
    trade, a SELL trade is copied to the investment account.
  • Our pre-built white label software is highly responsive, secure, error-free, and has several customizable options for startups.

The digital asset industry is evolving quickly-Qodex makes it a priority to stay on the cutting-edge of knowing what to support on its white label cryptocurrency exchange platform. From Bitcoin to Ethereum to lesser-known, emerging cryptocurrencies, there is no limit to what can potentially be listed using our digital asset exchange software. White label exchange software has already been thoroughly tested and proven to work. A big advantage of using a white label is that you save yourself the trouble of dealing with technical requirements, implementation and ongoing maintenance. A white label solution is therefore ideal for companies lacking one of these key components like crypto liquidity or the trading engine which might not be feasible options.

know-how and technology they would need to scale their business.

We exhibit the knack of pampering our customers with all-encompassing, all-inclusive support at every touchpoint of the cryptocurrency exchange development process. Advanced and key feature in our white label digital asset trading solution where users can buy/sell assets at predetermined price on a specific date or without any expiry date. The referral option is the most trending module right now and we enabled this feature in our bug-free white label bitcoin exchange software. Your users can invite their friends or other crypto users so that they can earn rewards or bonuses.

Application Development

We also advise you on hacking and penetration testing through our trusted partners before you go live. With growing accessibility to mobile devices, businesses prioritize digital… Generate smooth liquidity right from the beginning by utilizing both external and internal providers. These account types cater to spot exchange operations as well as margin (leverage) trading. That can happen due to multiple reasons like losing interest in cryptocurrencies or withdrawing money for buying a new car. Offer all your customers who can trade well the best conditions as algorithmic traders generate huge volumes and commissions.

Moreover, Merkeleon provides a full qualified technical support after the launch. It facilitates the work of the operator, who can concentrate on business processes and its promotion. Turnkey exchanges often come with robust security measures already implemented. These include two-factor authentication, encryption protocols, cold storage wallets, and regular security audits. Leveraging the security features of a turnkey exchange ensures the safety of user funds and builds trust among traders.

Algorithmic Trading: Definition, How It Works, Pros & Cons

It was found that traditional architecture could not scale up to the needs and demands of Automated trading with DMA. The latency between the origin of the event to the order generation went beyond the dimension of human control and entered the realms of milliseconds and microseconds. Order management also needs to be more robust and capable of handling many more orders per second.

A greater number of interested parties can have access to information required to follow a firm’s performance. On the other hand, because there is much more data, there is greater importance for firms to elucidate their strategic position with respect to competitors in their industry and market (Wernerfelt, 1984; Barney, 1991). There is a need for firm-wide information systems which allow managerial knowledge to be shared at a low cost.

Mean reversion strategy is based on the concept that the high and low prices of an asset are a temporary phenomenon that revert to their mean value (average value) periodically. Identifying and defining a price range and implementing an algorithm based on it allows trades to be placed automatically when the price of an asset breaks in and out of its defined range. There is a lot of educational material out there that makes algo trading suitable for beginners. However, we wouldn’t recommend jumping right into algo trading for real money.

Algorithmic trading is automated and does not involve the human element of emotion. It is therefore highly desirable for today’s traders because it has been proven to work over the years. For accounting systems to recapture their former relevance, they should provide information that is primarily pertinent to the shareholder owners (Jensen and Meckling, 1976). Additionally, they should capture and provide information pertinent to all relevant stakeholders included within the umbrella of stakeholder theory (Freeman, 1984; Mitchell et al., 1997). With the development of technologies such as the internet, information has become both more accessible and more varied.

An estimated 84 percent of enterprises believe those without an analytics strategy run the risk of losing a competitive edge in the market. Financial services, in particular, have widely adopted big data analytics to inform better investment decisions with consistent returns. In conjunction with big data, algorithmic trading uses vast historical data with complex mathematical models to maximize portfolio returns. The continued adoption of big data will inevitably transform the landscape of financial services.

However, the practice of algorithmic trading is not that simple to maintain and execute. Remember, if one investor can place an algo-generated trade, so can other market participants. In the above example, what happens if a buy trade is executed but the sell trade does not because the sell prices change by the time the order hits the market? The trader will be left with an open position making the arbitrage strategy worthless. Volume-weighted average price strategy breaks up a large order and releases dynamically determined smaller chunks of the order to the market using stock-specific historical volume profiles. Using these two simple instructions, a computer program will automatically monitor the stock price (and the moving average indicators) and place the buy and sell orders when the defined conditions are met.

AvaTrade is an online trading trading platform that focuses primarily on forex but supports other financial instruments, including commodities, stocks, ETFs, and even crypto assets. AvaTrade is a particularly good option for beginner traders thanks to a wide range of educational material, ranging from helpful videos to in-depth guides. Algorithmic trading (also called automated trading, black-box trading, or algo-trading) uses a computer program that follows a defined set of instructions (an algorithm) to place a trade. The trade, in theory, can generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader.

Other disaggregated levels representing data characteristics such as the type of data or the level of recorded detail (business segment, plant, etc.) can also be included. This linked model provides a mechanism for gathering information with interoperability across the value chain. Additionally, this approach provides standardization of both financial and non-financial measures. The AICPA’s (AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee, 2015) Audit Data Standard (ADS2) may also be integrated with the taxonomy. This could allow for the modernization of assurance, where applications from many vendors (Dai, 2017) could be used for audit purposes.

Unstructured data is information that is unorganized and does not fall into a pre-determined model. This includes data gathered from social media sources, which help institutions gather information on customer needs. Structured data consists of information already managed by the organization in relational databases and spreadsheets. As a result, the various forms of data must be actively managed in order to inform better business decisions. By 2016, there were an estimated 18.9 billion network connections, with roughly 2.5 connects per person on Earth.

Big Data in Algorithmic Trading

The aim is to execute the order close to the volume-weighted average price (VWAP). Algorithmic trading, also known as automated trading or black-box trading, is the use of computer programs to execute trades on behalf of traders. Algorithmic trading programs are based on pre-defined rules and instructions, which can be based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both. OANDA is a popular online trading platform that offers a variety of features and tools for algorithmic trading.

Big Data in Algorithmic Trading

The trader no longer needs to monitor live prices and graphs or put in the orders manually. The algorithmic trading system does this automatically by correctly identifying the trading opportunity. In the ever-evolving world of stock markets and finance, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts has ushered in a new trading era. Algorithmic big data in trading Trading, with its roots deeply embedded in the realm of AI, stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in finance. The concept of Algorithmic Trading is a revolution orchestrated not by the frantic shouts of traders on a bustling exchange floor but by the digital symphony of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

  • In previous days investment researches were done on day-to-day basis information and patterns.
  • Because it is highly efficient in processing high volumes of data, C++ is a popular programming choice among algorithmic traders.
  • They can detect subtle correlations between seemingly unrelated events and uncover hidden opportunities.
  • Algorithmic trading has become synonymous with big data due to the growing capabilities of computers.

By analyzing a wide array of data sources, including news sentiment, economic indicators, and market volatility, traders can adjust their risk exposure dynamically. This adaptability minimizes the potential for significant losses and maximizes returns. However, with the massive number of algorithmic trading platforms available today, it can be challenging to decide which might be the best for you.

Within the mathematical models, algorithmic trading provides trades executed at the best possible prices and timely trade placement and reduces manual errors due to behavioral factors. Potential Impact of Quantum Computing on Algorithmic Trading Strategies The emergence of quantum computing holds immense potential for revolutionizing algorithmic trading strategies. Quantum algorithms can process massive datasets and solve complex mathematical problems exponentially faster than classical computers. Traders can leverage quantum computing to optimize portfolio management, explore intricate trading strategies, and simulate market scenarios in real-time.

Bitcoin millionaire says this is how much to invest in cryptocurrency

In the same way, the security of a crypto market should never be ignored. This information is not intended as a recommendation to invest in any particular asset class or strategy or as a promise of future performance. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will work under all market conditions or is suitable for all investors. Each investor should evaluate their ability to invest long term, especially during periods of downturn in the market. Investors should not substitute these materials for professional services, and should seek advice from an independent advisor before acting on any information presented. Over the last several years, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular amongst today’s investors.

How much should I put into crypto as a beginner

Before entering the crypto investment industry, focus on one crypto. The functioning criteria of cryptocurrency may differ, but many cryptos are being introduced daily. A proper understanding of the overall cryptocurrency and specifically of the one you invest in can make things clearer. To mine bitcoins, miners need powerful processing units that consume huge amounts of energy. Many miners operate huge rooms full of such mining rigs in order to extract these rewards. As of late 2022, running the Bitcoin system burned as much energy as a medium-sized country.

Why do people invest in cryptocurrencies?

Some traders use this tactic to keep significant portions of their investment portfolios in principal coins like BTC, Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Putting one’s profits from trading to mining is another profitable option if you want to reinvest your crypto earnings. If you’re knowledgeable about technology and what it takes to mine Bitcoin efficiently, this is a good option for you.

How much should I put into crypto as a beginner

To be fair, the market is top-heavy — the five largest coins make up 76% of all cryptocurrency value. So it’s true that most of your crypto position should be in Bitcoin or another reputable digital token. This means it exists outside the control of a single authority, like a bank or government, that can regulate its use. Instead of funneling crypto purchases and sales through a central hub, they’re all monitored by a network of computers on a public ledger called blockchain. The digital coins can be held as an investment or used to buy goods and services.

Pick Your Cryptocurrency Investments

This, along with a sound company structure, can help serve as a sign of stability for that marketplace. Again, cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment, and it shouldn’t be the foundation of your investment strategy. Know that cryptocurrency has generally been decreasing in value year to year. Whenever there’s a change in data, every computer checks its records against one another. It looks like a USB drive, and it’s more secure than a software wallet, but it’s not necessary unless you’re buying a huge portion of crypto.

Timing the stock market is hard enough, but it’s even harder to time a volatile market. The cryptocurrency could fall dramatically in value in just a couple of days or even a couple of hours. If you didn’t sell your units before the demand cools, they could nosedive in value and generate a substantial loss. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that exists solely on the internet. This means it doesn’t have a physical component and only exists as records in an online ledger that tracks ownership. A cryptocurrency’s individual unit is referred to as a token, much as a stock’s individual unit is referred to as a share.

Whereas short-term traders may be better off always selling when a coin drops 10% in value, so they avoid big losses later on. Most cryptocurrencies have whitepapers, which you can access through an online database, explaining how they work. If you’re having a hard time understanding how a certain coin will earn profit, it’s probably best to steer clear.

  • Many miners use entire warehouses full of mining equipment in their quest to collect rewards.
  • A Bitcoin wallet can be set up in minutes from your computer or smartphone.
  • In theory it takes only a few dollars to invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Chris has an MBA with a focus in advanced investments and has been writing about all things personal finance since 2015.

That means fund managers constantly seek out businesses that focus on blockchain technology and investing in them. Therefore, anyone investing in BLOK is invested in a basket of blockchain technology companies. While BLOK may not give investors access to standalone Bitcoin, it does give them access to the companies which use blockchain and its transformational top rated crypto trading platforms data-sharing technologies. The most obvious Bitcoin investment strategy is purchasing standalone Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin directly from an app like Coinbase allows investors to take “physical” ownership of the asset. That’s an important distinction to make, as Coinbase allows investors to actually buy Bitcoin and store it in their own encrypted wallets.

What Do You Need To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Outside of what was just discussed, let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways people are investing in Bitcoin today and what they mean for investors. Unfortunately, the high volatility of Bitcoin makes it a hazardous investment, and you could lose money if you’re not careful. The main benefit to Bitcoin investing is that you may be able to generate a huge return on profit, perhaps as high as 200% or more. Of course, that’s a challenging thing to accomplish, but it’s possible. However, hot wallets are not the most secure form of coin storage.

While the data and analysis Stash uses from third party sources is believed to be reliable, Stash does not guarantee the accuracy of such information. Nothing in this article should be considered as a solicitation or offer, or recommendation, to buy or sell any particular security or investment product or to engage in any investment strategy. No part of this material may be reproduced in any form, or referred to in any other publication, without express written permission. Stash does not provide personalized financial planning to investors, such as estate, tax, or retirement planning. Investment advisory services are only provided to investors who become Stash Clients pursuant to a written Advisory Agreement. If you’re not quite ready to dive into cryptocurrency, there are some related investments to consider.

In many exchange interfaces, buys and sales are represented in different colors. This is to give the trader a quick indication of the state of the market at a given moment. Many cryptocurrency investors put a portion of their money into altcoins. Although riskier than large-market cap cryptos, small mid-market cap cryptos have more significant upside potential. You’ll need to connect your bank account once you’ve signed up with a crypto brokerage.

How to start investing in cryptocurrency: A guide for beginners

Keep in mind that exchanges may charge a small fee to take crypto off the platform into a separate wallet. And most brokers won’t let you take it out of their platform at all. That means the value of most coins is only dependent on how much someone is willing to pay for them, which can change at any moment. A great way to mitigate these concerns is by thoroughly researching the crypto you want to invest in and what’s behind the platform. Look up who owns the marketplace you are interested in and gather more information about them. Research how old the company is and in what stage of development the platform is in.

Over the past decade, the worth of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed beyond many investor’s expectations. An investor can profit by selling their stock to other investors. The difference between what you spend for the asset and what you get when you sell it is known as capital gains.

The combination of users, tokenholders and enthusiasts generates much of the driving force of these assets and their underlying technologies. After all, there is always a social element to any new technology. However, since there is a lot of money at stake — and with the frequent presence of non-professional retail investors — the space is often subject to toxicity and warring factions. Hence, a healthy, transparent discourse within the community is welcome. Furthermore, cryptocurrency options are used by investors to reduce risk or increase market exposure. Crypto options trading refers to the “derivative” financial instrument that derives its value from the price of another asset — in this case, the underlying cryptocurrency.

If you are currently using a non-supported browser your experience may not be optimal, you may experience rendering issues, and you may be exposed to potential security risks. It is recommended that you upgrade to the most recent browser version. Offer pros and cons are determined by our editorial team, based on independent research. The banks, lenders, and credit card companies are not responsible for any content posted on this site and do not endorse or guarantee any reviews. If you don’t have the resources to compete with the heavy hitters, one option is joining a mining pool, where users share rewards. This reduces the size of the reward you’d get for a successful block, but increases the chance that you could at least get some return on your investment.

This beginner’s guide will define cryptocurrency as an asset class and take you through the basics of investing in it. Learn what crypto is, the different types, what to consider before investing, and details to help you determine if it has a place in your portfolio. And if you decide you’re ready to start investing in crypto, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Copium Mining Presale is to Invest More in Mining, Buy Back and Burn Coins

Copium Coin will also be launched around the same time, debuting its exchange listing with Uniswap. You can stake your Copium Coins and Investor earn crypto rewards Pass in the Copium Staking Platform, which is expected to go live after the launch of the Investor Pass NFT collection and Copium Coins.

copium protocol

For the longest time, crypto mining was confined to the well-off who could afford the mammoth resources it demands. By combining cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Copium Mining is able to provide the general public with access to enticing investment options while building its own infrastructure. To get involved with the pre-mint, simply head over to the early registration page, listed at the top of the project’s website. These mining contracts tend to have expiration dates and are likely to underperform when the cryptocurrency industry is bearish, such as we are experiencing during Q3 2022. The project will begin its protocol launch phase by releasing the Copium Protocol Investor Pass NFTs.

The Tokenomics of Copium Coin

Focused on laying the groundwork for decentralized mining investments, Copium Protocol will soon release an NFT pool to raise funds for business expansion. It distinguishes itself because it allows consumers to passively invest in cryptocurrency mining. If you exit a time-locked staking contract early, you will have to forfeit all the interest accrued by your staked assets. The protocol buys back Copium Coins from the open market using the revenue generated by the Copium Mining facility. In essence, Copium Investor Pass NFTs and Copium Coins are indirect investments in Copium Mining. The platform has well-defined staking and burning mechanisms in place to distribute a share of the revenue generated from the upgraded infrastructure to investors.

Even if you are new to cryptocurrencies and crypto mining, the platform promises to help you make a profit from the ecosystem. It eliminates the restrictions of cloud mining, providing investors with a straightforward, easy-to-use solution. While most cloud mining platforms succeeded in lowering the initial investment barrier to crypto mining, the technical barrier remained too high for everyday investors to break in. It promised to decentralize crypto mining, empowering anyone to remotely join crypto mining pools for a basic cost with little to no technical knowledge.

After the Investor Pass has been successfully launched, the Staking Platform will be made available to the public. This platform will be a non-custodial one, which means that users will keep full ownership rights to the assets they stake. If you’ve ever been interested in earning a passive income through cryptocurrency mining, then Copium Protocol is certainly a project for you to take a deep dive into. Therefore, they can leverage their existing relationship in the industry to purchase the mining equipment at wholesale prices.

Copium Mining Presale: What You Need to Know?

Copium Mining has a successful long-term track record of operation in the mining industry and has a respected reputation in the New Zealand cryptocurrency mining circuit. The 10,000 NFTs will be sold through a Dutch Auction via the project’s website, and the auction will start at a price of 3.5 ETH. However, as previously mentioned, the first 2000 people that register their interest through the website portal will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a lower, fixed price of 3 ETH. All NFT holders are entitled to receive an exclusive Copium Coin airdrop, will receive higher staking rates, and can claim a daily allocation of Copium Coin. The staking dashboard allows you to check the interest rates and potential earnings before you sign the staking contract. Since the platform is noncustodial, you retain the ownership of your assets during the staking period.

  • It gets all of its power from a surplus of hydroelectricity that is fully green and comes from renewable sources in the area – ensuring the environmental impact of NFTs is at a minimum.
  • This eliminates the need for procuring hardware or hash power on a rental basis, thereby being economical and environmentally friendly in the long run.
  • These mining contracts tend to have expiration dates and are likely to underperform when the cryptocurrency industry is bearish, such as we are experiencing during Q3 2022.
  • As Copium Mining expands its infrastructure, it brings some attractive investment opportunities to the public, leveraging cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Regardless of what the price of Copium Coin does at any given point, all investors will have the opportunity to keep their coins for a period of two years. On November 9, 2022, the NFT collection will go up for sale with a total of 10,000 tokens and will be available for purchase. NFT holders will have access to a wide variety of perks, including 10,000 Copium Coins per pass bearer.

What role does Copium Mining play when you look at the bigger picture of the Copium Protocol ecosystem? The amount received from the presale of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass collection is being used to improve the mining capabilities of the company by beefing up the infrastructure. As a result of its existing relationships with major manufacturers, it can purchase large numbers of the most recent, energy-efficient miners at wholesale prices. Copium Protocol is a new crypto mining investment ecosystem that has been creating waves in the market since its project announcement.

While the price of one NFT will be 3.5 ETH upon launch, early registrants will be able to get them for 3 ETH. Because Copium Coin is an ERC-20 token, it may be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum as long as it has sufficient space. Over time, as the ecosystem matures, the supply of Copium Coin will only ever decrease, making it much more scarce.

Copium Mining

As can be seen, the Copium Protocol utilizes a novel strategy in order to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to a wider audience. This eliminates the need for procuring hardware or hash power on a rental basis, thereby being economical and environmentally friendly in the long run. According to the coin network,  the funds raised from the sale of Investor Passes will be used to modernize the Copium Mining Facility’s infrastructure and machinery. Copium Coins will be purchased on the open market and transferred directly to a burn address using the facility’s daily mining earnings. In exchange for potentially lucrative returns, you have the option to stake the Copium Coin holdings you own throughout both locked and unlocked time periods. The locked time of the chosen staking contract will determine the range of possible interest rates that can be applied.

copium protocol

In spite of the ups and downs that the market, it encourages investors to continue staking their Copium Coin holdings and Investor Pass NFTs. It serves a broad variety of utilities in the ecosystem, which will be revealed as the platform develops and improves over time. Facilitating the staking reward structure that is essential to the ecosystem will be the primary responsibility of the Copium Coin once it is released. The funds will be used to purchase bulk quantities of the latest and most power-efficient generation of miners.

The software guarantees that it will assist you in generating a profit from the network, even if you have no prior experience with digital currency or crypto mining. Investors get an uncomplicated solution that is simple to use because it removes the limits imposed by cloud mining. The firm Copium Mining, which is based in New Zealand and mines cryptocurrencies, serves as the primary focus of this initiative. The deflationary mechanism goes a long way in sustaining the value of the token in the market in the long term. It encourages investors to stake their Copium Coin holdings and Investor Pass NFTs despite the ups and downs in the market. The Copium Protocol ecosystem has four pillars — Copium Coin, Copium Investor Pass, Copium Mining, and Copium Staking.

copium protocol

Since the early stages of its roadmap, Copium Protocol has generated high interest from the NFT and crypto markets. It does not adhere to conventional cloud mining and seeks to fully decentralize cryptocurrency mining by utilizing an innovative strategy. In addition, the daily demand for Copium Coin will remain stable through the purchases made from the daily mining revenue at Copium Mining. Both of these factors are set to ensure that Copium Coin should continue to rise in price over the long term. Also worth noting is that Copium Coin will be a deflationary asset due to the profitability of the mining facility.

How to buy the Investor Pass pre-mint?

The funds will be used to upgrade the hardware and infrastructure at the Copium Mining facility in New Zealand. The great thing about the Investor Pass NFT sale is that all the funds raised through selling the NFTs are entirely invested back into the Copium Protocol ecosystem. However, there are only 2,000 spots available for the pre-mint white list, so you will need to be quick to register your interest. The first 2000 people to pre-register via the pre-mint link published on the Copium Protocol website are eligible for the discount. Copium Investor Pass NFT collection will be launched via a Dutch auction scheduled for early-mid October. While the price of each NFT will start at 3.5 ETH, you can get them for a discounted price of 3 ETH by registering early.

In addition, 3% will be added to the liquidity, 0.7% will be donated to the project team, and 5% will be sold during the presale. If the company continues to acquire the coin and then destroy it, they anticipate that it will have a significant deflationary effect. The deflationary mechanism aims at preserving the value of the token over the course of the market’s lifetime.

Well, Copium Mining will remove this stigma and show the world that the industry can be powered using renewable energy – setting a new standard for all mining facilities to live up to. Over time, the ecosystem turns Copium Coin into a deflationary asset, making it more scarce with a reduced supply. The team will implement the Copium Staking Platform following the successful release of the Investor Pass NFT sale. The Staking Platform will allow Copium Coin holders to stake their assets in exchange for a varying, high-yield interest rate. As a result, the self-sustaining ecosystem provides daily demand for the Copium Coin and also turns it into a deflationary asset.